About Me

Hello Warriors!

I'm Pamela and I'm so glad you are here. I am a Podcaster,  self published author,  yogi, maker of the CarmaCover, Jesus lover and oh...a two-time cancer survivor!
So, whether you are fighting cancer or any other of life's hiccups, you have come to the right place for hope and encouragement.
As a two-time cancer survivor (colon and liver), I know the ups and downs. It was with the 2nd (liver) diagnosis, that I realized "I can make the most of this chapter--no matter how it turns out."
So, come on inside for my memoir "Midlife Cancer Crisis", subscribe to my podcast "Cfree Cancer free" and get some inspirational merchandise for you or a loved one.
Please drop me a note so that I can meet you and say hello personally!
God Bless!  

Pamela McColloch Cancer Survivor