The power of our face!

The power of our face!

Whether you are messaging your family members, your love, or your client; seeing each other's faces when communicating is infinitely valuable.

I have been testing a new app for about a month now ( and I love it! It's called Volley and in a nutshell, it is a video messaging platform.

Let's say I want to leave you a video message from my phone to yours--it's simple and free. Then when you are ready and able to answer me back with a video message from your phone to mine--it's simple and free from the Volley app!

Why?? Why not! In fact, there are lots of reasons.

  •  You know exactly how much more you can influence your person on the other end with that certain look...
  • Or when you are getting ready to close that big deal and you look and feel like you own the world
  • Or when someone you know is sick or down and your beautiful and radiant face is exactly what they needed to see

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