The Downlow on Downdog

The Downlow on Downdog

The most common (arguably) known yoga pose is Downward Facing Dog or Downdog.

It seems pretty easy right?

Actually when practiced properly, the pose is quite complex and often done incorrect.

If you are never done one, get on the floor and begin on your knees and hands both shoulder width apart. Slowly tuck your toes and lift knees off the floor straightening the legs.

Breathe. You will find yourself in a V like angle. Breathe. 

Slowly bend one knee at a time and lengthening the opposite leg in a kind of pump-like motion. Breathe and enjoy. 

If you are able, I highly recommend that you do this daily for some seriously awesome benefits such as; 

* strengthens and stretches almost every muscle in your body

* inversions (such as this) aids blood flow to your brain

* refreshes your skin and gives you a beautiful glow

* and my favorite...downdogs turn everything upside down so that I can view life from a different perspective--for a few minutes anyhow