You have probably heard before that residents of Japan (I sure hope that was phrased politically correct), live longer and healthier lives than people that live anywhere else. 

One of the reasons is a main staple that they have in their diet. Miso. 

What is Miso? This is a paste that is made from fermented soy beans. It is used to add flavor and nutrition to salad dressings--as a marinade--used in a compound butter--and of course Miso soup. 

The bennies; 

* Miso is rich in nutrients and Vitamin K, manganese, zinc, protein and calcium. 

 * Miso improves digestion, is high in probiotics, promotes healthy bacteria, and reduces bad bacteria. 

Researchers have found that consuming one bowl of Miso soup per day can DRASTICALLY lower the risk of breast cancer. And because it is fermented (which is a very good thing), it is ideal for detoxing the gut. 

You can find Miso paste at just about any grocery store in the produce section and where the tofu is kept. The taste is deep and savory with a toasty salty-sweet richness. 

There are tons of Miso soup recipes right here on the internet. 

Remember, the more good stuff we put in our bodies... the more bad stuff comes out.